• j0316767

    Something’s Wrong, but What?

    Are you having trouble raising capital? Is your business showing signs of a downturn? You might have a blind spot, and we can help.

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  • CB025454

    Hands-On Executive Teams

    Down to Business CoNavigant provides competent, energetic executives to complete your management team on an ongoing, part-time basis.  For growing companies, this provides regular access to the high-level expertise needed for success, without incurring the cost of a full-time executive. CoNavigant can fill the gap created by rapid […]

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  • vision

    Vision, Mission, and Strategy

    In recent years, visionary entrepreneurs have created a dramatic shift in the way business is done. A new class of winning business has emerged, capable of leveraging the power of new knowledge and technologies to deliver products and services with accelerating speed and excellence. In […]

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  • leadership

    Leadership Development

    CoNavigant has several solutions for enhancing the performance of leadership teams, and for resolving issues that prevent leaders from functioning as well as they could. Contact us to find out how we can help. Share

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  • investor

    Investor Relations

    If your company presents a unique, compelling opportunity, but the financial markets have not responded as expected, you know you need to look at the way your story is being told. It is not enough to identify a huge unmet need and fill it at […]

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  • taking care


    Business Leaders can Make a Critical Difference

    Businesses all over the world are concerned about the impact of their activities on our environment. Minimizing our use of resources and our contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants is a top priority of CoNavigant Enterprises, Ltd. For companies that want to make measurable improvements in environmental impacts of all kinds, CoNavigant recommends Climate Smart. Visit them at

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