Ken Blue


Principal Client Service Executive, Leadership Development

Dr. Ken Blue is a principal consultant with the CoNavigant Group and a popular conference speaker. For the past 25 years, Ken has helped organizations to change the way people are led and he has helped countless people dramatically improve their lives. He is known for moving audiences with powerful, provocative, and practical insights that are rooted in timeless principles.

Sought after as a conference leader, keynote speaker, and facilitator around the world, Ken Blue has given presentations and workshops on the Power of Optimism, Servant Leadership, Destined for Success, Conflict Resolution, Authority to Heal, and Foundations in Grace in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. An expert in the areas of personal and organizational effectiveness, Ken also serves as an advisor to top executives and board members of large corporations as well as closely-held family businesses.

Ken Blue understands the Power of Optimism. As a five-time All American, he set one American and one World Record in Swimming. He was also selected for the 1968 U.S. Olympic Training Team in Modern Pentathlon. As a world-class athlete, Ken learned early in his career that success is largely determined by the habits of thought. He teaches how we develop and can re-develop these habits.

Ken is also the author of several best-selling books that have been translated into over twenty languages. His published works include Authority to Heal, Church Discipline That Heals, and Healing Spiritual Abuse. His audio tapes have been translated into several languages and distributed worldwide.

Ken and his wife, Patti, have been married for 27 years and have eight children, ranging in age from 25 to 5 years. They live in San Diego, California, where they lead Foothills Church, a Christian church they founded in 1991.

Clients assisted by Dr. Blue include the following:

H&R Block
Hewlett Packard
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Morrison and Forester Lawyers Association
National Safety Association
Roman Catholic Church
San Diego Parole Board
Southwest Airlines

Workshops and Keynotes

Ken Blue’s workshops are interactive, insightful, fun and for the motivated…they are life changing.

Ken offers everything from a half-day seminar or keynote speech, to a daylong training seminar or series of seminars with follow up coaching and training.

  • The Power of Applied Optimism
  • You are Destined to Success
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Self-Efficacy and Esteem
  • Servant Leadership
The Power of Applied Optimism

This course is designed to help you take an accurate realistic view of your life and your circumstances. Forty years of scientific and medical research demonstrates that those who stand out in society – and in business in particular – do so mostly because their habitual thinking is optimistic. Not to be confused with positive thinking or self-affirmation, optimism deals with real life circumstances and events and focuses on how we explain those events. In his workshop, Ken Blue:

  • Differentiates between optimism and positive thinking;
  • Provides an assessment tool to help us determine our own level of optimism;
  • Shares strategies for learning and applying optimism in our personal lives;
  • Offers suggestions for increasing optimism in the workplace.

This training program will teach you how to permanently raise your level of optimism by reprogramming the way you explain events you can literally change your life.

You are Destined to Success

We all possess untapped potential. Ken shows how our thoughts and thus behaviors are up for grabs every day. An ancient writer said, “As a man thinks, so is he”. Ken teaches innovative ways to remove negative habits of thought and skills to properly interpret adversity. As we apply these principles we all become winners. The principles are simple and Ken presents them in a way that they will never be forgotten, helping us use and practice them from the moment we first understand.

Motivational Interviewing

You want to, you try to, but you can’t. Think of all the situations where you have wanted to do something but couldn’t: quit smoking, take courses, exercise regularly. You want the end result, but can’t seem to follow your plan through to completion. From the belief that each of us already has sufficient motivation to attain the goals we set for ourselves, Dr. Blue uses proven interviewing techniques to tap into our raw, hidden potential. Motivational interviewing is now employed by the San Diego Parole Board to help rehabilitate people with all kinds of negative habits, including drug addiction.

Conflict Resolution

This is a critical subject for the work place and our personal lives. Ken shows how resolving conflicts starts with determining our group non-negotiables, maintaining mutual respect and committing ourselves to open communication. He not only helps us understand the principles, but helps uncover the lies and habits of thoughts that keeps us from practicing these principles for success.

Self-Efficacy and Esteem

Most current success material is based on the formula talent + desire = success. Research shows however that people who are successful have high self esteem. Ken shows how to distinguish healthy self esteem from egotism and arrogance. Through describing the three aspects of self esteem, he demonstrates through practical exercises and examples how we can remove the layers and labels from our lives that keep us stuck.

Servant Leadership

We may all get what we want in life as we help others get what they want. Ken shows how some very simple, straight forward principles can transform your work place and personal relationships. Ken illustrates through many examples that we don’t need to keep looking for the complex new approaches because these principles, tried and tested, work.