About CoNavigant Enterprises

CoNavigant helps leaders of organizations chart a course towards a chosen destiny.

For organizations needing to establish a new direction, navigate through an uncertain business climate, or explore unknown territories, CoNavigant provides tools and support which empower organizational leaders to journey swiftly and safely towards the objective.

CoNavigant uses a unique combination of traditional and innovative methods to move a leadership team to a new level of effectiveness. As a result, your team is better able to reach consensus around a common vision, mission, set of values, and strategic direction.

Following are some of the client companies that have been assisted by CoNavigant principals Catherine Gauthier and Ken Blue:

Blanchard Training and Development
Mycogen Corporation
Grubb and Ellis
El Pollo Loco
BioFilm, Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Morrison and Forester Lawyers Association
National Safety Association
Southwest Airlines
The Autotrader